lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Ser / estar in the SP1

One of the things which usualy becomes harder for English speakers who are learning Spanish is the use of ser and estar. This happens because in Spanish these two verbs refer to two different actions, meanwhile in English there's only one verb; to be.

Don't get anxious with it. Have in mind, as a curiosity, in English there are also some verbs that work the other way round. For example: hacer (to do, to make). Here you have two different verbs in English that have a single verb in Spanish to express both actions.

To avoid continous and complex mistakes using ser and estar while advancing in the study of the language, it would be convenient to clear up their use from the beginning.

That's why we share with you in this post a resume of these two verbs as seen in the SP1 building of Minecraft in Kotoba Miners.


First, let's review the forms of ser y estar verbs in present indicative. Remember these are irregular.


With this chart we can review whether to use ser or estar.


And here you have a brief online exercise to practice! You should fill in the gaps of these 10 sentences with the correct form of the correct verb; ser or estar.

There are two different versions of the activity according to the difficulty; easy or medium. To write the letters with an accent mark in the medium difficulty test, this multilingual keyboard of Lexilogos could be handy in case your keyboard hasn't the aproppiate keys to do so.