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Do you like learning languages, but you want to do it your own way? We've been years creating materials to help you travel through your learning process. And we continue learning, in order to bring new services in the future.

¿Te gusta aprender idiomas, pero te gusta hacerlo a tu manera? Llevamos años creando materiales para ayudarte en tu viaje de autoaprendizaje. Y nosotros, seguimos aprendiendo, para ofrecer nuevos servicios en un futuro.

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  • Blog | Bitácora: visual resources for Spanish learners. | recursos visuales para estudiantes de español.
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Aprende español de España con Carmen, curso online tutorizado. Inmersión completa en español (Subtítulos en múltiples idiomas).

  • Curso "Los García", learn Spanish by Imitation: aprende español por imitación, método natural. The method of natural learning or learning by imitation is a simple technique, but very effective to speak Spanish as a native in the short term.

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Learn Japanese and more languages with Minecraft and other resources. This community was the origin of our own project.

  • Weekly events: Games, lectures, competitions and other fun activities thrown by users and moderators to socialize and practice the language.