miércoles, 18 de enero de 2017

Blognews: 1st level up!

Hello again everyone!! It's been a tough return but we made it just in time to honour our first blog anniversary! In this new stage we're back with some changes and a giveaway to celebrate it.

One of the most significative changes is that from now on the weekly post won't be on a specific day of the week and will vary during it (from Monday to Sunday).

Another important news is that we've started our own Facebook page.

You will find in this Facebook post or at the end of this same post the instructions in order to participate in the giveaway of a comprehensive reading lesson of Spanish for any level (A1-C2) of 50 minutes long.

If you don't know which is your level of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) we recommend you the reading of this article

We want to encourage you to participate in a more active way in this blog, in our new Facebook page or in the Kotoba Miners' Facebook page, working on our proposals, posting your opinions, suggestions or reviews. And, of course, if you like the content we're offering, give us your support by following us in Blogger, sharing our blog or the posts, "liking" our page in Facebook... There are lots of ways to help us keeping this up!

If this giveaway turns out succesfully, there will be others like this one in the future, with different rewards. We wish good luck to all appliers and may the books be ever in your favour!


- Prize is a comprehensive reading lesson of Spanish for any level (A1-C2) of 50 minutes long through the platform https://appear.in/ without camera.

- In order to participate in the giveaway you must "like" our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/XannahSpanishOnline/) and to this post (https://www.facebook.com/XannahSpanishOnline/photos/a.130629660773848.1073741828.130518894118258/137219193448228), write a comment in it (in Spanish or English) with your level and why are you interested in learning Spanish, and sharing the image publicly in your Facebook profile.

- If you like learning through videogames we strongly recommend you to "like" Kotoba Miners' Facebook page and group.

- Minimum participants needed: 4. Deadline: 26 of January of 2017 at 23:59 (GMT +1). Facebook does not manage this giveaway. Loads of luck!