lunes, 3 de mayo de 2021

Blognews: D4 Spanish workshop

One year ago we were lucky to already know Diego Arranz from a conference we worked in. And Diego's project D4 Spanish has been really important for us in order to do our lessons and help our students learn the language.

That's why we couldn't refuse helping him in a webinar where he was showing his project and needed real teachers showing how D4 Spanish works and how do we use it in our lessons. It was a really nice evening and quite an impressive experience!

We have to thank, also, Ana&Anny for being so nice and supportive hosts to the event. Held by their own project, Profes para Profes, which intends to help those teachers in need of counsel and guidance, as well as a meeting point for the ELE teachers community.

And it was also a pleasure to be able to work with other really talented Spanish teachers, such as Emilia and Betsy. To celebrate it, we want to give something that has been really useful for us during our lessons to a fellow teacher: a pack of Spanish conversational worksheets we offer on our charity shop.

If you're a Spanish teacher and you're reading this post, please, leave a comment in this Facebook post, telling us a bit of your teaching experience (platforms you're working in, teaching style, which kind of students you prefer, etc.). We will choose the story we prefer from the ones who write and announce it in the same post the 14th of May. 

As you already know, we like to thank those who have shown their interest and activity on this community (helping us sharing our free contents or otherwise).


by Ana & Xavi