jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018

Recommended: 7 free key tools (II)

5. Lang-8

This platform allows you to publish texts in the target language to be corrected by other users which are native to that language. You can also correct texts in your own language published by other users who are learning it.

But it ain't only that, as around this tool there is a whole community of users, where you can add friends, send private messages and share experiences through a personal journal.

A point system gamifies at a certain level the experience in the site, encouraging the users to publicly interact and correct texts. The points you obtain will decide which rank you'll be placed in the general rank list.

6. italki

Although the page is focused on paying for online language classes by teachers or tutors from the community, it is possible to use the site free to contact other users and share or exchange your language with them, so you can receive some inputs of the target language from native users.

Creating a profile is easy and free, same as the other functions offered (rather than proper lessons): a forum to discuss and ask or answer about a language, a space where you can read articles written by teachers or tutors of the community offering their expertise and a notebook where you can publish your own texts, for the users to correct if suitable.

7. Verbling

Similar to the before mentioned web, you can also find some language exchange options although the web is more oriented for private lessons.

Although in the past there were language exchanges, currently there aren't. When you first met you exchange partner, you had five minutes to talk in your language and another five for the language of your partner. And after that, you had the chance to add the user as friend to continue sharing in the future. There was also the chance of creating groups with other students of the same target language to practice and share your apprenticeship. Sadly, these features don't work, currently.

Apart from that, you could check some group lessons, where you could not participate without paying, but you could watch the old sessions for free in YouTube, in order to improve you listening comprehension. Currently, you can only check in the YouTube teachers' channel the old recorded sessions, as currently, there are no more group sessions thrown through Verbling.

At this point we can only add some other useful and effective tools for the development of the remaining skills (listening and reading comprehension).

Motivation is key when we deal with self learning, so, it is a must using tools that, even if are not focused on language learning, will be interesting, entertaining and motivating for us.

To be on the track for these kind of materials, keep an eye on this section. Being our blog one that works mainly with ludic and entertaining materials for self learning, we will be sharing tools and means related to games (videogames, role playing games...), videos (tv series, YouTube...), readings (articles, books...) and some other, that can be free or not.