lunes, 1 de enero de 2018

Blognews: New Year, new projects

First of all, Xannah Spanish Online wishes you a Happy New Year. We hope this new year for you means not only lots of new projects, but also the energy and opportunity to make them possible. It's ourselves wish, as we are starting new projects where we would love to see you around.

For advanced students we've created Café Gijón, a quarterly and totally free reading club, to enjoy and chat with the other members about books. Although it's a closed Facebook group and, currently, there are no more gaps for new members, we will share in a post the books when voted. That way, even if you're not in, you can enjoy the same books and if, in a future, you can join, you'll be able to share comments about these first books.

Also, we've just opened our web page, Xannah Spanish Online. There you can find out links and index to all our content, so it's easier for you to access the contents you're interested in. We hope you like it.

Last, but not least. We remind you that, for the moment, all our content is free, so, we only ask, if you like it and it's useful, to help us with some "likes" or comments, so we keep high spirits to continue with the effort.

We would be thrilled to have you participate actively in it, writting down opinions, constructive feedback or working our suggested activities. We will always try to adapt ourselves to your feedback. You have different ways to do so: comments on this same blog, in our Facebook page or in the  Kotoba Miners' Spanish subforum.