lunes, 18 de enero de 2016

Comunidad Kotoba: introductions

This is the first of a series of videos we have designed to teach a basic approach to Spanish through Minecraft and The Sims 3.

The one we start with will teach you the basic mechanics and expressions on how to introduce yourself. Our tool today will be the avatars of some of our Kotoba Miners´ members, who we want to thank for their collaboration on some of these videos. And a special thanks to CheapBeats' music for the intro/outro of the series.

Oh! We know the speech can seem quite fast, but this is a normal speech pace. As everything spoken it's also written in every slide, we thought convenient for you to get used to a normal pace of Spanish speakers. Remember you can stop the video in order to answer the questions! We're sorry for the quality of the video, but we're yet learning how to edit them.

For Minecraft users of Kotoba Miners, this video is a partial review of the SP1 building. It can help you to reinforce the speaking, listening and reading skills you should have acquired. Characters appearing in the video are listed alphabetically.