sábado, 17 de abril de 2021

Blognews: news and celebrations

One year ago we started our teaching journey and currently you can find us at PolyTripper, where we are currently focusing our efforts.

We continue our journey in Discord, so, if you wan't to know our teaching style, you can learn that for free at The Language Sloth. It's a good way to help people who're not able to afford regular private lessons. And you already know we do like to give free content, giveaways and collaborate with charity (like in our charity shop).

But today is not about us, as today it's the birthday of the student who has taken more lessons with us. She is close to reach 100 lessons with us! To celebrate it, we want to offer her a small present, in the form of a totally free lesson.

As you already know, we like to thank those who have shown their interest and activity on this community (helping us sharing our free contents or otherwise).


by Ana & Xavi