lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2020

Blognews: news and celebrations

Our posting frequency has decreased a bit, but it's for a good reason. Six months ago we started our teaching journey in iTalki, where we've completed more than two hundred and fifty lessons already. We barely keep up!

Also, we've joined a language community where we're offering free group lessons every week. You can find The Language Sloth in Discord. It's a good way to help people who're not able to afford regular private lessons. And you already know we do like to give free content, giveaways and collaborate with charity (like in our charity shop).

Another thing we will be doing in a near future in this server is organizing games to play and practice the language. Games like Black Stories, Among Us and others.

We decided to post now, precisely because it's the birthday of one of our most brilliant students! To celebrate it, we want to offer her a small present, in the form of a totally free lesson.

As you already know, we like to thank those who have shown their interest and activity on this community (helping us sharing our free contents or otherwise).

Moreover, if you're interested on joining iTalki and you do it through our referral link, 10$ in iTalki credits will be yours when you've done your first credit purchase and you've done your first lesson!


by Ana & Xavi