miércoles, 1 de enero de 2020

Blognews: Season 20 news


In this post we want to share some great news. We've been working during the last part of the year with an association that needs some help. And as we were willing to share our materials and knowledge about Spanish, we thought this was the best way to do it. Selling them to collect money for this association that needs help.

We're talking about ASYD. This guys have been doing an outstanding work during the years they've been working, even internationaly. But they need more funds to continue their efforts on knowing more about this rare condition.

So, we would love you to check our new Charity shop, were we're offering some brand new materials. The 100% of the money paid for this products, will be going to ASYD, entirely. To celebrate, we're offering a discount during the first days! Use the coupon [WORDMINING].

Thank you for all the help you can provide, even if it's only sharing this post!