lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

Kotoba Miners: learning journal

Creating a learning journal is helpful to any kind of language student. Specially to self-taught ones. If we find and evaluate the way to learn that suits better to us, we should be able to plan a more effective path to learn.

Thoughts about the language and its acquisition should be found in a learning journal. You could record the tools and resources (activities, applications, games, videos...) you've used and the rating you consider appropriate, based on how useful are for your learning process.

Having this in mind, a suggestion on how to start your own learning journal is to write down in it two or three motivations you've in order to learn or continue learning that language. This should help you to keep focused and motivated on your goals. Another suggestion is to take these notes whenever you've finished a study session, because that's the best time to write down these needs and reflections having in mind next study session.

Therefore, we invite you to create your own learning journal, using paper, text editor or the internet. If you want to share it in a community dwelled by lots of people like you, who are learning Japanese or Spanish, in Kotoba Miners' forum we'll be glad to read, guide and help you in any way we can. Also, in this same blog, we'll publish posts where you can participate in an active way. Do you know a best way to compile all the activities done than creating your own forum thread?

If you finally decide to share it with us, the Kotoba Miners' Spanish subforum (registration needed) is the place where we encourage you to create your own thread, using this format: [Diario] Nickname or name. This post has been inspired on the learning journals of two KM members, Luken y TriggerWolf.