Are you starting to learn Spanish and everything's gibberish? 

Let us walk the road with you at the beginning of your learning trip!

Are you planning on moving to Spain and you want to start learning the language beforehand?

Is your job going to take place in Spain and you need local insight?

Have you started self-studying the language but you feel lost and in need of guidance?

We are here to help you out! We have encountered many students with these same problems and we gave them the guidance they needed to succeed.

We have lots of experience and knowledge in beginner levels. That's why we have designed a structured and specific course syllabus for you to always know where you are at, where are you going and how much is left for you to accomplish your objectives. 

Our materials are focused on daily life situations you may encounter in Spain or among spaniards. We believe grammar is important and we will also cover it, but our primary goal is for you to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively in real life contexts. We will cover all the skills you need through our thoroughly designed course.

Our interactive course is flexible and it can be effective for self-learning. The pace of learning will be entirely up to your needs and budget. You will have access to the platform 24/7 without us being present. If you feel comfortable self-learning, you will only need one or two lessons per month for us to guide you and check your progress, as well as putting your speaking skills to the test.

But if you need more lessons with us, that is perfectly fine! We also have different teaching methods and lessons, in case you prefer a more classical approach. Don't hesitate to ask or program a trial lesson if you are not sure of what will be better in your case. In the trial lesson we will assess your level and needs and program a path for you to advance accordingly. 

And with us you have a bonus: two teachers for the same price! Two accents (different regions of Spain), two pronunciations (male and female), two different points of view and approach, practice the "vosotros" form...  We're a real deal!


If you want to discover our "5 tips for vocabulary acquisition" freebie and be aware of all our news, click the image below! (Also available in French!)